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I began my career in editing in 2011, at the ripe age of 18. I was employed to help students with their academic work, and to get their written assignments in the best shape they could be. Five years and two degrees later, I was still enjoying what I did, but something was missing.

I realised that while academia was interesting – and had certainly given me rigorous editing standards to live by – I wanted to work with stories. Imaginary worlds, intriguing characters, rich and absorbing plots. I wanted to do away with the real, factual stuff, and get a bit more creative.


So I wrote my own book. I got an agent, then a publisher, and then wrote another. I started training in fiction editing, learning the nuance involved, the subtle and glaring differences between editing fact and fiction.

Now, eleven years after I started, I’m doing what I love and have over fifty edited novels under my belt. I am constantly learning and developing so that I can be the absolute best editor for you, the author. I know how much your manuscript means to you – I’ve been there.


I can help you – with empathy, honesty and dedication – to make it shine.

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